Doypacks, food pouches, Ronair

A custom-made drying system to dry all types and sizes of food pouches.

Vacuum packaging

This drying installation was built to dry vacuum packaging in different sizes and is equipped with some unique characteristics.

Drying unpacked food, Ronair

A drying system with hygienic design to dry different types of unpacked food products.

Food packaging

This innovative drying unit is particularly suited for the drying of food packaging in different shapes and sizes like aluminium containers and ready meals.

Glass jars

A turnkey drying system that is perfectly able to dry glass jars with lids in different sizes.


A unique and highly compact drying installation that is able to dry smaller food and beverage packagings in an efficient manner.  

PET bottles

A custom-made drying unit built to dry big PET bottles. Special attention was paid to blow off the cap and valve at the top of the bottle.

Glass bottles

This custom-made drying machine is able to remove water drops from different sizes of glass bottles in an efficient manner.

Product Ronair

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Hot melt pillows

A custom-made drying machine designed to dry pillows of hot melt adhesive in small and large formats before they are packed.

Spray bottles

This industrial dryer was built with the main objective to dry plastic spray bottles. After doing so, they can be packaged without problems.

Cables & wires

Our series of industrial cable & wire dryers was developed to dry the strings of extruded plastic after they went through a cooling bath.

De-dust packages

This innovative blow-off installation is able to remove dust and all possible other contaminations from packages with the most complex shapes.  

Blowing off vehicles, Ronair

A solution for blowing off among other things water, granules and dust from trucks, trains, cars, etc.

Product Ronair

We are up to every challenge, so even your product could join this page soon.

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