Whatever the shape or material of the product, our solutions eliminate the water drops

Who are we?

RONAIR is a brand of the company Almeco, a specialist in air and water technologies.

During the production process, most products need to be dried, dedusted or cooled on a conveyor before they can be packed. This is where we can help! RONAIR offers engineered drying solutions for all of your products. Our installations are adaptable to your specific needs and requirements, and can be easily integrated in your production line.

The problem?

Various problems may occur during the production cycle:

  • The negative influence of water drops on camera inspection systems
  • Unreadable or messy inkjet coding due to moisture
  • Deviations of weight measurements by excessive water presence
  • Issues with condensation and mold
  • Difficulties in the application of labels or sleeves on wet products
  • ...

These issues must be dealt with. But, the efficient drying, dedusting or cooling of products transported on a conveyor is more often than not a difficult matter. In order to achieve this, a lot of companies rely on compressed air, although the usage costs of such applications are very high.

Additionally, some products can’t be dried with a standard system because of the special shape of the product or the limited space in the production environment.

Our solution!

RONAIR offers the solution in the form of custom-made drying systems with a low costing price and minimal impact to the environment. Conveyor transported products are dried, dedusted or partially cooled by blowing them off with air. Our intallations do not use compressed air, but guarantee a comparable, if not better blowing capacity with a considerable reduction of the noise output and a lower energy consumption - up to 10 times less.

The drying solutions of RONAIR consist of a combination of several drying components that are fed by a blower. These components, such as air knives, drying plates and/or nozzles, are used to remove water or dust from packing material or products in the most efficient way. With our solutions, up to 99% and more of the water or dust is removed.

We do not work with standard machines. All of our customers receive a turnkey solution built and optimized to dry, blow off or cool their product(s). In addition, we can supply more than just the drying installation itself. We can, for example, combine the drying unit with an optimized conveyor system and/or offer a wide range of services including the automation, enclosure, safety measures, and integration in the existing production line.

To guarantee the best possible solution, we discuss every project in detail with our customers. For more information on our working method, we invite you to visit this page.

Challenge us and send us your product

In our laboratory we have the ability to conduct drying tests on any type of product.

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to conduct drying tests on your product. Based on the test results, we will identify the most efficient and durable solution for your drying problem.

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