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blow off pellets

With our tailor-made blow-off systems, we help you to achieve zero pellet loss!

Drying Solutions
Drying system Ronair

Moisture can cause problems during production.

Drying Solutions
hygienic drying machines

We design your drying machine in a hygienic way!

Drying Solutions
drying with airknives

Compressed air is an expensive medium. In the distribution of costs for compressed air systems, the energy cost is the biggest cost. Huge savings can be achieved by avoiding the inappropriate use of compressed air.

Drying Solutions
danger compressed air

Frequently referred to as Industry’s ‘Fourth Utility’, there is no question that compressed air is extremely versatile and widely used. However, it also has its drawbacks, especially when it is used incorrectly.

Drying Solutions
Airknife drying system

A blower feeds air to the airknives drying system by putting pressure on the air in a collector. The air will escape through narrow slots at the right speed to push away the drops.

Drying Solutions
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