Dryer of food packaging


After pasteurization, the packaging of food products is often too wet to be labeled and further packaged. We design RONAIR drying systems that are able to remove residual water from food packaging. Water drops have a negative influence on camera inspection systems. The moisture can also cause unreadable or messy inkjet coding, deviations of weight measurements and difficulties in the application of labels or sleeves.

We are able to build drying systems that can dry varied product sizes consistently. Our drying system can be integrated in the production line.

Our customized blow-off units offer a solution for any drying problem. Thanks to the use of different types of blower components (air knives, nozzles, drying plates, ...) and unique conveyor mechanisms that keep the products in place at all times, we guarantee you a product free of water drops.

food packaging

This installation is custom designed and has some interesting features:

  • The installation is totally enclosed, so that personnel safety is guaranteed.
  • Equipped with acoustic sound panels to avoid noise nuisance during operation.
  • Supplied with an autonomous control unit, based on the needs of the customer
  • Prevents the use of compressed air: less noise, more cost and energy efficient.
  • Constructed of stainless steel to achieve maximum ease in cleaning and maintenance.


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Afblaasunit voor voedingsverpakkingen
Afblaasunit voor voedingsverpakkingen


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