MiniRonair for drying of packaging


The MiniRonair integrates the patented technology of drying plates in combination with the transport of products. This compact drying system particularly is suited for drying of food packaging.

The unique embedded belt conveying system guides the product along the applied dryer elements. Thus, all sides of the product can be dried effectively in only one passage. A variety of small shapes such as bags, cups, food cups, meals and portion packs can pass the system.

Drogen van verpakkingen

The MiniRonair has some interesting features:

  • Designed made to measure in order to fit in any existing production line
  • Can be supplied with fitting enclosure, so that personnel safety is guaranteed and noise level is reduced
  • Prevents the use of compressed air: less noisy, more cost and energy efficient.
  • Constructed of stainless steel to achieve maximum ease of cleaning and maintenance.


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MiniRonair voor het drogen van verpakkingen
MiniRonair voor het drogen van verpakkingen