Drying unit for hot melt pillows


This custom-made drying solution was designed to dry bags or chubs of hot melt adhesive in small and large formats before they are packed.

The RONAIR drying solution consists of a drying module provided with three drying plates. Two of them are secured above the conveyor belt, a third and bigger plate is placed just below the strings. Both sides of the product are dried using nozzles. The installation also contains a second module which includes a fan, filter and electrical cabinet with PLC control.

hot melt pillows

This installation is custom designed and has some interesting features:

  • The installation is totally enclosed, so that personnel safety is guaranteed.
  • Equipped with acoustic sound panels to avoid noise nuisance during operation.
  • Supplied with an autonomous control unit, based on the needs of the customer
  • Prevents the use of compressed air: less noisy, more cost and energy efficient.
  • Constructed of stainless steel to achieve maximum ease of cleaning and maintenance.


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Drying unit for hot melt pillows
Drying unit for hot melt pillows


Ronair drying unit for hot melt pillows

Our customer is a worldwide market leader in adhesives. The bags of hot-melt adhesive...